Ron’s background and love for the area is a benefit to both buyers and sellers. He grew up in Harvey, North Dakota with a older sister and a dog. In Harvey, Ron was taught by his parents the value of faith, education and hard work. The small town of Harvey gave him a strong belief in the good of people and the importance of caring for others.

After graduating from Harvey High School, he attended North Dakota State University, graduating in 1975. Ron left North Dakota to accept a position with a large retail organization. He was assigned to several stores in the midwest. The experience of being transferred many times taught him the stress of buying and selling a home and what one should expect from a realtor.

In 1977, Ron married Beth Olson of Jamestown, North Dakota. She is a employee of the Fargo Public School District. They have four children living throughout North America.

Ron advised his children to choose careers they enjoyed or seek out a new career. When his youngest child, Jenni, graduated from high school and he passed along the advice, she looked at him and said,”Why not apply it to yourself?”

Ron then realized he had always wanted to go back to his roots in North Dakota. He decided to enter the field of real estate. Ron is currently an agent at Keller Williams Rooers in Fargo, North Dakota. He has never regretted that decision and has enjoyed working with clients and colleagues alike.

Ron specializes in residential real estate in the West Fargo, Fargo and Moorhead areas. Ron and Beth reside in West Fargo.

In his spare time, you can find him working in his lawn and on a home improvement project or traveling to be with his 4 grandsons..

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