Successful Closing

We had engaged the services of Ron Dittus, Realtor from KW Inspire on the recommendation of our banker. From the very onset Ron took it personally and made a very comprehensive and complete brochure for our home. He went to great lengths to update us as to what the comps were and guide us through the process of selling our home. He even had a drone take wonderful pics of our house exterior, which turned out exceptionally well. Due to the inventory being heavy with new and newer builds we found that our 10 year old house had quite a competition, none the less, Ron kept at it and conducted round the clock open houses and walk through’s.

Finally we had to move in Nov of 2016 and Ron again stepped up to the plate and took charge of the situation. In our absence he continued to monitor our house for security and maintenance issues and after 10 months we were successful in finding a buyer who appreciated our home and we went through the process of Inspections and Closing.

In the inspection report, unfortunately it turned out as the plumbing had not been used for 10 months, in West Fargo ND, where the water salinity is very high despite having a water softener, our faucets all over the home were clogged including our steam shower.

Our front door gets a lot of drifting snow accumulate against it in winter and due to heavy snows and the door being 8 years old, it succumbed to the ravages of snow and started to rot; water seeped through the bottom and destroyed the maple wood floors up to 6 inches from the door. The transom double paned window, being a huge window almost 6 feet by 7 feet, had developed a leak and had to be replaced.

There was a blizzard in April and it tore up the stucco, which had to be replaced; other smaller but equally important repairs had to be done. To coordinate the repairs some one had to be present to let the techs in, and check that they had done it right. Ron again stepped up to the plate and became that person without any hesitation. He kept us updated via phone and email and made the whole process seamless right up till the closing. He even took upon himself to check with the Mortgage company who had the lien on the property to determine when the escrow money would be released to us. 

I would highly recommend Ron Dittus to anyone who wants a real efficient, hard working realtor in their corner, a realtor who is very knowledgeable and will unconditionally step up to any challenge one can throw at him.

Thanks Ron, we both appreciate all what you did for us to sell our home.

Andy Anand